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Workday has replaced Employee Self Service as of June 20.

  Log in to Workday via NEST, Quicklinks or here.

For more information visit:

Got questions? Contact the Workday Helpdesk at: 973-655-7971 (Option 4)

Information Please enter your Employee Identification Number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) for access to the secure information in this system. Then select Login.
Personal identification number (PIN)
As a student, employee, or both at MSU, you have only one six-digit PIN.   If you have already changed your PIN, please use that number to log in.
If you are brand new to MSU or have not changed your PIN, it is temporarily set to your date of birth (MMDDYY).    When you successfully log in using the default PIN, please change your PIN to some other six-digit number; this will make your logins more secure.

Employee ID:

 Remember to select buttons and menu links only once.

I Forgot My PIN

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